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The JAWLINER is a powerful tool for regular exercise sessions. By chewing on it strongly you train and increase your jaw muscles. This enforces a defined jawline and thus a more confident and sexy look.

The JAWLINER is the further development of the JAWLINER 2.0 and has been developed for professional jawline training after beginners level.
The ergonomic fit consisting of 100% BPA and PVC free food grade silicone* has been improved to provide a firmer grip and a stronger bite.
The improved material guarantees longer use without losing power and strength. 
The longer shape and the missing holes provide higher resistance when biting and result in a more powerful workout.

The JAWLINER (expert) is an extremely powerful training rubber and not suitable for beginners. We sell it to all those who want an increase in training intensity after the JAWLINER (advanced), so please follow thoroughly the JAWLINER instruction below before usage. 

your face

With JAWLINER you can train your sexiest muscle without having to sweat where and when you want. Remember that your face is the first thing a person looks at when talking to you. It is always visible and according to many studies it is the number one thing people are most attracted to.

Most people spend hours and hours training and optimizing their upper and lower body muscles, so why not start training your facial muscles as well.

expand your jaw

Training with JAWLINER activates your muscles in the face and neck. However, the two most important muscle groups for the jawline are the masseter muscle and the temporalis muscle, as shown below.

If you train these muscles regularly, you will get defined and angular facial features. Your facial muscles work like any other muscle in your body. With enough training, rest and nutrients, they will grow and develop over time. 

for everyone

JAWLINER can be used by any genders: women, men and non-binary people can train their jawlines with the JAWLINER.

Provided that your full-aged and do not have any medical problems in that region. If you have jaw problems or are unsure whether you can use JAWLINER, ask your doctor or orthopedic surgeon before starting JAWLINER training. You use JAWLINER at your own risk. Our orthodontists strongly recommend not to exercise for more than 10-20 minutes every other day.

100% BPA + PVC free

Food grade silicone is a non-toxic type of silicone that doesn’t contain any chemical fillers or byproducts, making it safe for chewing on it. It consists of the same material as baby pacifier.

Safety Instructions: 

  • WARNING: Stow away safely from children - improper use will otherwise result in risk of swallowing and suffocation.
  • Do not use JAWLINER under the age of 14
  • Be careful not to chew on the and canines, otherwise you will destroy the JAWLINER
  • Always chew on the rough curved side of the JAWLINER so that the logo is visible on the sides
  • Do not more than 5-15 minutes intensive jaw workout every second day!

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